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  1. L O, hugely talented old chum, I saw Tina s few months ago made a huge faux pas, asked how it felt to be 60, oops.

    Took Kate to see the Matisse show , his cut outs, I left feeling hugely elated, really lovely stuff.

    Website is really good as is the stuff on it.

    Be lucky


    • Thanks Steve!
      I’m in Leigh from Sept.27th to the 29th if you fancy meeting for a cuppa/beer?

  2. It is going to take me a while to scan through all your work Martyn, I think by appreciation we make the brilliance of others our own property. Wow, your dad must have been so proud of you, mum told me you were in the an interior designer, but never let on you were so wonderfully imaginative and talented. I can look at what you have done again and again and never get tired – and I will for sure. I will be back with some more comments before long. Love to you and the family.

    Richard (aka Nick)

    • Thanks for your comments Nick. I hope all is well your end. Keep taking that pill ! All the best, Martyn

  3. I think you have great talent as a painter as well as a singer and in theatre. I did like the abstract one from Misc Abstracts with red sqiggles on the top left corner called pict0906. Cheers Chantal

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